Neapolitan Hi-Hat Cake

Not too long ago I made an attempt at a hi-hat cake. I’d seen a few in Martha Stewart: they’re beautiful, towering cakes that have a certain grandeur that makes you feel like royalty when you’re fork dives in.

I decided to try the Neapolitan Hi-Hat Cake from I Am Baker, a.k.a. Amanda Rettke. Her blog is amazing and her book looks even more amazing. She’s shared a few recipes online and they all look fabulous, including this one.

The Neapolitan Hi-Hat is a layered cake with a brownie base, strawberry cake middle and whip cream top. You bake extra-tall layers of the cake and brownie (fill up those 9-inch rounds)! and stack them up. The outside of those two layers gets a coating of chocolate buttercream frosting (yum) and then a mountain of whip cream goes on top.

The cake, pre-chocolate coating

It’s like a snow capped mountain


The recipe says to pipe the whip cream, but I honestly didn’t want to take the time so i just mounded it up. It still looked pretty awesome, though perhaps not as nice as it does in the cookbook.

After you mound the whip cream on top, you get the cake nice and chilled and pour on a layer of chocolate (just melted chocolate chips and a little veggie oil) over the top of the cake. It makes a sort of candy shell over the entire thing.

When you cut it open, it looks something like this:

Forgive the lighting.

Look at those layers!

Everyone loved the cake, including our friends’ son, Nolan:


Could he be any cuter?

There is one thing I’d like to pass on: I used Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix. Don’t do this. It’s just not that good. It’s not that it’s awful or anything, but it’s not very good. The recipe provided by Rettke (link below) includes a homemade strawberry cake. I didn’t have the time to make it that night, but were I to do it again, I’d budget in the time. I’m sure it’s much better than box mix.

The recipe for the cake is here. Try this out, and check out some of Rettke’s surprise inside cakes. They’re on my list of recipes to try. They don’t all look too easy, but they look like so much fun!